Eat, Live WILD!

WILD beef jerky and exotic meat products are inspired by the desire to offer and eat a high protein, clean diet.  Throughout history humans have evolved living active lifestyles and consuming a Hunter and Gatherer diet rich in high quality meat, wholesome vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.  Today, diets of processed foods and excessive sugar, combined with sedentary lifestyles have pushed our physiologies dangerously far from their adapted environments.  By looking to the diets and lifestyles of our ancestors, we believe that evolution has much to teach us about human optimization and healthful living.  WILD Fine Meats offers our clients a wide assortment of high protein snacks which are both delicious and satisfying while remaining a healthy on-the-go option to suit our busy lifestyles!  We are bringing "the hunt" directly to you. Join us!  Eat, Live WILD!